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Native advertising has always been something assumed to be related directly to content. “Give your brands a voice”, and tell the story to the consumer the same way they consume editorial content on “our platform”. It works. It’s simple. It’s authentic.

But underneath that, the value of Native advertising is really the action of active collaboration between brands, agencies and publishers, right? Native advertising, in the traditional sense of content campaigns, is so beneficial because of that openness between all parties to create the best possible story possible. So it’s important to think beyond the actual product and what, in fact, makes that product so impactful. Native is the first step towards thinking together, to build something great, that takes into account all moving parts to make a story whole. We need to begin doing that across the board, working together to tell amazing stories for brands across mediums.

Taking what’s special from that “openness” is what will help evolve the rest of the advertising world and allow for evolution in how brands reach consumers on and off publisher and social platforms. Whether it’s video, “native” or traditional display advertising, an active collaborative process between all parties that takes into account the brand, the audience, the creative and the story will launch the advertising world into its next innovative era.

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