How we’re changing advertising at the Washington Post

The rise of mobile has prompted many publishers to modify the way they’ve traditionally told their stories to readers. Slow load times and lack of responsiveness were a trigger that forced publishers to rethink and redesign their sites for a better, and nimbler, consumer experience. It was a catalyst for innovation by platforms as well, spawning the birth of the next wave of publishing created by Facebook and Google through the Instant and AMP products.

But what about advertising? If we’re recognizing a change is needed with how publishers deliver their stories to consumers, shouldn’t we be building technologies to facilitate brand adoption as well? Advertising today is set up to drive the user away from the experience they’re currently on. But what if it was possible to keep the consumer within their current experience, delivering a brand’s message in a fast, authentic and user-friendly way?

Today we’re excited to announce Fuse, an immersive cross-platform experience that’s built for the consumer. This proprietary advertising technology allows an marketer to deliver their brand story with the same speed and execution as our editors. Fuse is a fully hosted, click/swipe to open creative, that stays within the current application to remove any latency or load time. Once the user swipes or clicks on the promotion module (app, mWeb and desktop) the creative loads immediately and reveals a full screen, dynamic experience.

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Fuse will eventually be the default advertising experience on the Washington Post platform. The Washington Post is looking to pave the way for brands on platform, similar to the innovations done by Facebook and Google for publishers. Advertisers are able to utilize any existing asset or leverage our studio to create new ones (content, infographics, 360 video) and place them within Fuse. When a user swipes on the promotional unit, Fuse opens, pre-cached, immediately within the application (apps, mweb, desktop) and reveals the story. Users can then swipe/click back to return to where they were in the editorial article, building trust and comfort between the advertising and editorial transition. This is a solution for both branded content and traditional media.

Fuse will launch as a solution for branded content beginning on May 24th, with a larger rollout across all advertising products in the following weeks.

Read more about it here.

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