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  • Michael Dempsey

    Michael Dempsey

    Want to live in a better future so investing in Frontier Technology @compoundvc. Learn more @ www.michaeldempsey.me

  • Sarah Tavel

    Sarah Tavel

    native new yorker, SF-resident. general partner @benchmark. formerly product @Pinterest. originally blogging at www.adventurista.com.

  • Michael Young

    Michael Young

    Director of Machine Learning @ NYTimes

  • Richard MacManus

    Richard MacManus

    Still exploring the Web, searching for what’s next. Previously founder/CEO @RWW.

  • Mark Coatney

    Mark Coatney

    I am part of the problem. Ex Tumblr, Al Jazeera, Forbes, Time, Newsweek. Consultant, WordsTK

  • Ben Werdmuller

    Ben Werdmuller

    Writer: of code, fiction, and strategy. Trying to work for social good.

  • Noah Chestnut

    Noah Chestnut

    Helped build the BuzzFeed News app (product lead), founded New Republic Labs and played a bit of left tackle in Middle School

  • James Del

    James Del

    Raised on a steady diet of megabytes and Fruity Pebbles. Good people know good people. Director of Digital Content & Partnerships for TAO Group.

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